About the company / Introduction

OÜ EMP A&I was established in 1992 by employees of a design institute “Eesti Maaehitusprojekt” (Estonian Rural Design). Today it is a design company with a long experience and the outcomes thereof can be seen anywhere in Estonia and also abroad.

The objective of our company is to be flexible and as customer-centric as possible, meet deadlines, offer high-quality services and maintain an optimal quality-price ratio. We value partnership with customers because the best solution can be developed only by working together.

Our strong points are high quality of our services, long-term experience, customer-centred approach, flexibility and qualified workers.

Consultation services of OÜ EMP A&I include a wide range of activities from selection of a construction site to completion of the building. We are competent in all the following:

  • architecture
  • construction
  • heating/cooling
  • ventilation
  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • electricity
  • communications
  • fire alarm

OÜ EMP A&I also offers construction supervision and expertise of construction designs.

OÜ EMP A&I prepares designs for office buildings and business centres, communal facilities, schools, industrial and residential buildings as well as renovation projects and detailed plans. An incomplete list of our designs can be found under “Completed projects”.